Letter Format for No Dues Certificate

Request Letter Format for Bank for No Due Certificate in Respect of Term Loan Dues

ABC Corp / SBI/2012-13/0123
October 10, 2012

The Chief Manager
State Bank of India
107 Chandani Chowk
New Delhi 01

Sub :   Payment of last Term Loan installment  and issue of
            No Due Certificate in respect of term loan dues

Dear Sir,

We are sending herewith a Cheque for Rs.18,62,854/- (Rupees Eighteen Lacs Sixty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Four only) bearing Cheque No.123456 dtd. 05.10.12 drawn on ICICI Bank towards the payment of last and final installment of term loan and interest for the period April 2012 to September 2012..

With this payment, all our term loan liabilities sanctioned by State Bank of India are fully settled.

You will kindly appreciate that we have to file Form Nos. 13 and 17 with the Registrar of Companies on settlement of this charge.  We would, therefore, request you to issue us “No Due Certificate” in respect of term loan dues so that we could file the requisite forms with ROC.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
For ABC Corporation

A Bachchan


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