How to Reverse a Document in SAP T Code - FB08

Reverse Document

Trigger:    An incorrect document has been entered into the system.  This BPP describes the procedures to process a reversing document entry.

Business Process Description Overview:

If you have entered an incorrect document, you can reverse it. Note that R/3 can reverse a document only if the following conditions are met:

  • Contains no cleared items 
  • Contains only vendor, customer, or G/L line items 
  • Was posted within the FI system 
  • Contains only valid values, such as business areas, cost centers, and tax codes 
Ordinarily, you post a reversing document in the same period you posted the original document. The period of the original document must be open to post a reversing document. If the period is not open, you can overwrite the posting date field with a date in an open period, such as the current period.

T Code :- FB08

Input - Required Fields
Field Value / Comments
Document number
Document Required for reversal
Company code
Fiscal year
Enter Fiscal year
Reversal reason
Reason for performing this reversal. Drill down menu available

Output - Results
The system generates a reversing document that will post the proper reversing debit and credit amounts.

Procedural Steps

1.1.       Access transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting  -> Financial Accounting  ->  General Ledger  ->  Document  ->  Reverse  ->  Individual Reversal

Accounting   ->  Financial Accounting  ->  Accounts Payable  ->  Document  ->  Reverse  ->  Individual Reversal

Accounting   ->  Financial Accounting  ->  Accounts Receivable -> Document -> Reverse  ->  Individual Reversal
Via Transaction Code

1.2.       On screen “Reverse Document: Header data”, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Field Name
User Action and Values
Document number
The document number of the document to be reversed
Enter the document number

Company code
The company code identifier for the document to be reversed
You can select the drop down arrow to view a list of available choices
Fiscal year
The fiscal year that the document was created in
Enter fiscal year

Reversal Reason
Reason for 
reversing a document
Enter the desired reversal reason
Select the drop down arrow to view a list of available choices.   You can use the standard reason codes or enter new codes in configuration.
Posting date
If the reverse 
document cannot be
posted to the same 
period as the
original document, 
enter the posting
date and the posting 
period of the
reversing document.
Leave blank to accept the original document’s posting date or enter the desired posting date
You can select the drop down arrow to view a calendar.
Posting period
Effective period of 
reversal posting
Enter if different than the original document’s period

Void reason code
Reason code for voiding a related check payment.  
This functionality can 
only be used provided 
the document in 
question is an accounting document for a check

Select the drop down arrow to view a list of available choices.

In column “R/O/C” of above table, “R” = Required, “O” = Optional, “C” = Conditional

1.3. You can select the option ‘Display before reversal’ to verify that the document you chose to reverse is the correct document. You must select the <- green arrow back to return to the previous screen to either save the reversal entry or abort the reversing procedure.

1.4. Post the reversing document by selecting Document -> Post or click on the Save icon. The system generates a reversing document posting the proper reversing debit and credit amounts. You will receive a message at the bottom of the screen stating “Document XXXXXXXXX was posted in company code XXXX”.


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