How to Remove / Hide Navbar from blogger Theme

Remove / Hide Navigation Bar from Blogspot

Now a days blogging is very common in internet Spectrum. Most of the people have their blogs to express their thoughts / share their knowledge. The best platform for blogging is Blogspot. Of course its free & the best part is that it is owned by the Google. So you may not need to do alot on the SEO part.

Blogger provide many blogger themes. These themes contains Nav Bar at the top of the Header.

Almost in all the top blogspot sites, Nav bar is removed by their administrators as it does not look good as well as it utilizes one of the prime area of your blog. Here you can get the most simplest way to Remove / Hide the Nav Bar from your Blogger Theme.  

Step 1:-

Login to your Blogger Account-> Goto your Blog "Design" -> Click on "Edit HTML" -> Tick on "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 2 :-

Find:-  ]]></b:skin>  in Coding (Copy ->Control F -> Control V & Enter).

Step 3:-

Just above it Paste #navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; } & Save the Template.

Now Check your Blog. The Nav Bar is Gone.

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