How To post a Parked General Ledger GL Document in SAP T Code:-FBV0

To Post a Parked General Ledger (GL) Document in SAP

Business Process Procedure Overview

Document parking can be use to enter and store (park) incomplete documents in the SAP System, without carrying out extensive entry checks. Parked documents can be completed, checked and then posted at a later date - if necessary by a different data entry Clerk.

Parked documents can be post either individually or via a list. To post several parked documents via a list, the system issues a list of parked document for you to choose from. From this list, you can then carry out any necessary post-processing to parked documents that could not be posted due to missing information such as a cost accounting assignment.

T Code:- FBV0

Required Fields :-

Company Code  :-  Your Company Code – 1000
Document Number  :- The Parked Document Number which is to be Posted

Fiscal Year :-  Fiscal Year (2013)

Output - Results:-    Parked document posted.

Procedural Steps:-

1.1. Access transaction by:

Via Menus :-

Accounting -> Financial Accounting  ->  General Ledger  ->  Document  ->  Parked Documents  ->  Post/Delete

Via Transaction Code :-  FBV0

1.2. On screen “Post Parked Document : Initial Screen”, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Field Name
User Action and Values
Company Code
4 character identifier of an organizational unit within external accounting.
Enter company code 1000
Document number
Identifier for an accounting document
Parked document number.
Fiscal Year
Identifies the period for which the company use to create its balance sheet
Fiscal year.

Press Tick to continue

System shows the parked document details. Click “Simulate” Button. The document entries along with the tax line items will be shown by the system.

Double Click on the Tax line item and go back. Do same thing for the second line item also. Since these line items are automatically created by the system and the business area is a required field to be entered, by double clicking the line items system fills up business area automatically. If this action is not done then system does not allow users to save the document.

Click on “POST” Button and if no errors exist, system automatically posts the document giving the posted document number.


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