Change Parked Document Line Item in SAP

Change Parked Document

Business Process Procedure Overview :-

Document parking can be use to enter and store (park) incomplete documents in the SAP System, without carrying out extensive entry checks. Parked documents can be completed, checked and then posted at a later date - if necessary by a different data entry clerk.

Parked document may also be changed. Changing a parked document is broken up to two transaction codes: FBV2 and FBV4. To change line items details transaction code FBV2 should be use while transaction code FBV4 is use to change header detail. This BPP will illustrate the process to change line item detail, transaction code FBV2. Refer to BPP on “Change Header Detail” to view more information on changing a parked document’s header detail. 

T Code:- FBV2

Input – Required Fields
Field Value/Comments
Company Code

Enter Your Company Code – 1000
Document Number
Enter The Parked Document Number

Fiscal Year
Enter Fiscal Year

Output - Results
Change a parked document

Procedural Steps

1.1. Change a park document transaction by:

Via Menus
Accounting -> Financial Accounting  ->  General Ledger  ->  Document   ->  Parked documents  ->  Change
Via Transaction Code

1.2. On screen “Change Parked Document: Initial Screen”, enter information in the fields as specified in the table below:

Field Name
User Action and Values
Company Code
4 character identifier of an organizational unit within external accounting.
Enter Your company code. 1000
Use the drop down menu.
Document number
Identifier for an accounting document.
Enter the parked document number.

Fiscal Year
The year to which the park document was created.
Enter the fiscal year.

1.3. Click on (Tick) to continue.

1.4. On screen “Change Parked Document: Overview” double click on the line item to make changes.

1.5. Once all the changes are complete, click on the “Save” button to update your changes.


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