SAP User MM Manual - Create Purchase Order - T Code- ME21N

Create Purchase Order in SAP: 

STEP : 1 

Menu Path: Logistics > Material Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Create > Vendor / Supplying Known 

Transaction Code: ME21N


STEP : 2

Enter the required field, i.e. Vendor Code and press enter. If you entered the RFQ no in RFQ Column in Item Over View system automatically display the material description / if you generate P O without RFQ then fill up the this field s, Material, P O QTY, Price, Material Group, Plant, Purchasing Organization, Storage Location etc.

Then fill up the Org. Date Field, i.e – Purchasing Org, Purchasing Group, Company Code.

STEP : 3

Fill up the Payment Terms in Delivery / Invoice field and press enter. Then you may select the invoice button & select the GR Based IV & TAX Code and Display the Taxes overview, i.e. Base Amount, CVD, CST / Vat.

Display Tax Menu and back.

STEP : 3

In Condition type Fill up the required condition, Price, Delivery Charges etc

STEP : 4

In header menu fill up the condition – Packing & Forwarding, Insurance etc and Save.

System generated Purchase Order No


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